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8 Top Reasons to Definitely Use WordPress for Your Business’ Website

WordPress is the Worlds most popular website content management system – a system that basically enables you to set up and work on your own website without having any programming or technical website knowledge! No. 1 – The world’s most widely used website system for businesses Our website is built on WordPress and we build most of our client websites on WordPress; we do this as we strongly believe that WordPress it is perfect for […]

3 reasons why business HAVE to have Social Media

A look at the data at the end of 2018 is sure confirmation that as a business it is vital for a business to operate through Social Media. Though data for the UK may be scarce and hard to find; information on the activities of our American cousins is bountiful and shows a worldwide trend. 1. Social Media is used by a vast majority 91% per cent of online adults today (a whole 129 million […]