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When people search for your products, services, or brand name in Google, is your website near the top?

Search engine optimisation is not easy, but with the right strategy and input, top results are possible, even in the most competitive markets.

Jon has achieved this personally in the highly competitive UK loans market where his websites regularly compete toe to toe with &

Whether you have suffered a drop in search traffic, know your organic results are substandard or are launching a new website or brand, Jon can help.

SEO Audits

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Do you know if something is holding your website back or why your competitors are outranking you?

This is what a website audit will find out.

Firstly, we will discuss your targets, identify your primary keywords, and get to know your online competitors.

Then I will have a deep look at your website to find out if there is anything holding it back; this would normally include:

The results will form the basis of your SEO strategy which maps out all the actions required.

SEO Training

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Does your business have the knowledge to deliver your SEO plan?

Would learning new skills help

  • Your business be more efficient by implementing the SEO itself?
  • You to manage your in-house team/agency to drive better results?

I can deliver highly practical training:

  • Day-to-day Implementation - from the hands-on work done myself on my own websites.
  • SEO Campaign Management - from my role as 'Head of SEO' at Artemis Marketing.

I teach from hands-on practical experience and results to help your business to implement what really matters.

SEO Strategy

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Do you know the best strategy to reach your SEO targets and beat your online competitors?

Your strategy and action plan will be drawn up based on the outcome of your website and competitor audit reports.

Do you employ an SEO agency? Do you have an in-house team? Do you have neither?

The strategy will take into account the expertise and resources your business has available, so only work that is realistic to do will be recommended. If there are knowledge gaps that could be filled by training, this will be identified.

Based on many years of effective SEO strategy for his own websites and numerous clients, Jon will help you develop a practical and achievable strategy for your business.

SEO Support

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Have your marketing activities ever gone off track?

Would it be helpful to have someone available to answer your questions?

Would having someone periodically reviewing work done help hold your team or agency to account?

Having managed a team of SEO’s working with multiple clients, I have learned there are key times that make or break an SEO campaign:

  • The beginning – deciding on the right SEO strategy and plan.
  • Mini monthly reviews – reviewing the work done, any fluctuations in results, new priorities, and any possible changes to the plan of work.
  • Six monthly reviews – reviewing in detail how the campaign is progressing, and if strategic changes are required.
  • Day-today-support – just being there to answer those niggling questions, to ensure people do not get stuck on a particular point. It is overtime, that if these issues do not get dealt with, then large problems can arise.

I can be there, to help you or your team, to ensure you can get the day-to-day and strategic support you need to ensure your SEO campaign does not go off track.

About Jon

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Jon helps companies transform their business by driving more customers via SEO.

He 'practices what he preaches' implementing his knowledge and skills on his own loan comparison websites that regularly compete toe to toe with & for many highly competitive keywords.

If you looking for a reliable, professional, technically sound, and commercially astute SEO that you can actually talk to!

Let’s connect

+44 7919 221 327

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  • Uncovered a number of things that had not been raised by previous 'SEO experts'!

    We've worked with Jon for a number of years as the supplier of quality loan leads.

    The audit he did was very comprehensive, and uncovered a number of things that had not been raised by previous 'SEO experts"!

    We will now be working with Jon to oversee the implementation of the audit - highly recommended.

    See Review on UpWork

    Mark Grimley
    Choose Wisely
  • Your training was absolutely outstanding!

    Thanks so much, it was a really productive and interesting day.

    There was so much added value in it with your expertise on SEO activity as well.

    Vanessa Gray-Locke
    Westward Housing Group
  • Impressive, I would highly recommend

    Jon headed a team that produced an extremely comprehensive SEO analysis report for one of my corporate clients.

    The reports were thorough, well written, and very useful to the client as included very clear action points.

    Dominic Monkhouse
    Monkhouse & Company
  • Spoke with first-hand experience and conviction

    Jon produced and presented a very thorough training session for our business.

    We were impressed with his creative ideas and business experience which enabled him to speak and present with first-hand experience and conviction.

    See Review On Upwork

    Daniel Yorke
    Commercial Finance Network
  • Dramatic impact on Google organic traffic

    Jon was brought in to help one of our e-commerce clients who was having some difficulties with their Google rankings.

    These were implemented by the client over the next 6-months which had a dramatic impact on their Google organic traffic.

    Alex Kravtsov
  • Expert in getting the right visitors and conversions

    He has very extensive expertise in both SEO and marketing, how to get the right website visitors, and then the right conversions.

    Very happy to recommend Jon to any business that is thinking of hiring him, either big or small.

  • Recommendations were practical and very effective

    Jon recently did us an SEO Audit for one of our clients who was experiencing some concerning drops in website traffic.

    He has great insights into websites, and his recommendations were both practical as well as very effective.

    Jack Stonehouse
    427 Marketing
  • The Training Had A Very Positive Impact

    The training was very comprehensive and easy to follow, using lots of real-world case studies.

    I would highly recommend SEO training with Jon, we’ve had a great return on investment.

    Tom B
  • Greatly helped conversion rates

    Jon and I worked together on an extensive SEO audit for a client in a very competitive niche.

    His reports and proposals were very insightful and resulted in the client site being re-designed (which greatly helped their conversion rates).

    John Kramer
    John Kramer Marketing
  • Significant improvements in website traffic

    Jon and I worked together at Artemis on multiple client accounts together.

    One client that comes to mind, his recommendations were the basis of a complete reorganisation, and re-design of the site, which resulted in significant improvements on website traffic.

    Tom Hart
    Artemis Marketing
  • Dramatically improved site sales

    I've known Jon for a number of years now and we have worked on many SEO projects together.

    In particular, we worked on a fashion eCommerce site together (an extremely competitive online market); his insights around improving conversion rates were second to none and dramatically improved site sales.

    James Hubbard
    James Hubbard Consulting
  • If You're Looking for Someone To Kick-Start Your Business Jon Is Your Man

    He delivered a structured plan of action for his working schedule and clearly set out what he would be doing along with clear reasons for why he would be doing each job. We have begun to put his suggestions for immediate changes into place and are following his guidance for more long-term changes too. We will 100% be happy to use Jon's expertise again in the future if we need further expert help. Review from Upwork
    David Slater
    My Cozy Little Home

Frequently asked questions

1Why should I choose you over the 100’s of other SEO consultants and agencies out there?

I have learned it is results, honesty, and clear communication that most people like, and that is what I strive to offer.

I may not suitable for every business, and will never claim to know everything about SEO (but who can unless they've full details of Google’s algorithm). Three reasons to consider:

  • Practice what I preach - I practice what I preach, so you can rest assured that the advice I give your business is what I also implement on my own websites.
  • Commercial experience - many SEO's are very good at their job, but some can be removed from the commercial reality of what they are doing. Whilst I have worked on scores of client websites, by far the most valuable learning experience for me has been getting my own website ranking, driving organic traffic, and converting visitors. This really teaches you the most valuable things to do!
  • Test me out - you are more than welcome to 'test me out'; I am happy to do a small amount of work for you first to see if I meet your needs.

2Do you outsource your work?


All work done is by myself, though my wife Abi does do my proofreading!

3Where are you based, and are you available for meetings?

Oxted, Surrey, United Kingdom.

I am available for meetings in person (within a reasonable driving distance), or Zoom.

4My website is underperforming in the search engines can you help?


I can help you to find out why it is underperforming, and what you will need to do to fix it.

This will consider any previous work you may have done, your competitors, and any recent Google updates.

There are many reasons why your site could be underperforming, to find these you will need detailed analysis via an SEO audit, which will also look at and your site's backlinks and online competitors.

5My website has just experienced a drop in rankings, can you help?


There are three main reasons why rankings change, and why you may have experienced a drop:

  1. Search Engine AI – artificial intelligence is used to figure out the best search results, so constantly switches results for users to tell the search engine which one they prefer, therefore it’s AI learns better future results. Many ranking drops as a result of AI are short-lived and recover quickly (unless people do not like your result compared to others).
  2. Algorithm Updates – the search engines are constantly reviewing and changing their algorithm to deliver better results for users, some websites win from these changes, others do not.
  3. A mistake by the webmaster – it is very common to see ranking drops because there has been a mistake by a website’s SEO, developer, or someone working on the site. This is usually the quickest issue to fix.

I have experienced the above types of ranking drops on client sites and my own, figuring out why, and implementing changes to successfully receive rankings and traffic.

6I am getting visitors, but they are not converting, can you help?


From working with several e-commerce clients, plus my own loan comparison sites, I have learned how calls to action, user experience, and online journey play a critical role in whether a visitor will convert or not.

Using best practices within yours, and other relevant industries, I will help you to understand what the visitor is looking for, and why they are not converting on your site.

I will make specific recommendations relating to:

  • Page design
  • Calls to action
  • Your customer journey
  • Specific A/B tests to measure and inform changes

7My site has a Google Penalty; can you help?

Via a process of elimination, I can help you to find out what the penalty is, and the steps that may be required to recover rankings.

If you have been subject to a negative SEO attack and have lots of poor-quality backlinks this may be fairly easy to find out, though some other issues may be harder to find.

The penalty you have received may also relate to site history, so a detailed discussion would be needed with you to explore all the potential items that may have caused the problem.

More questions

1Can you help with e-commerce sites?


I have worked on a number of e-commerce sites and have a deep understanding of the pitfalls that can greatly impact SEO.

SEO principles are relevant to all the increasing number of e-commerce platforms (BigCommerce, Shopify, Wix, 3dcart, WooCommerce, Volusion, Prestashop, Weebly, Squarespace, Magento, and more).

Whilst I am not a hands-on expert on all these, I will be able to advise as to what SEO improvements are required.

2Do you implement the SEO work?

Not currently on client websites.

I can but am not currently offering this service to clients as I am busy doing this work on my own websites.

I can support implementation, by being available to answer questions and providing regular ‘check-ups’.

The implementation work will need to be done by you, your own in-house team, and/or an SEO agency.

3Why use you rather than an SEO agency that can ‘do it all’?

Is a building contractor the best person to go to get a building survey?

I would suggest not, as they have an incentive to find lots of work that needs to be done!

I am not saying that is how all SEO agencies work as there are many excellent ones; though it is worth noting that I have no incentive to recommend SEO work that is not necessary.

If I help you with an SEO audit and strategy, this will be 100% independent, and the recommendation will be from my belief of what is best for your business.

4Is it possible to do some SEO ourselves?


Whilst there are some areas of SEO that require a great deal of skill and experience, there are others that can be learned.

For example, if you have people who can write well, then there are many SEO opportunities from writing meta titles and descriptions, blog posts, sales pages, and more.

Or if you have others involved with press releases, then there are opportunities to integrate your link building into this.

It is possible to reduce cost by doing some of the SEO yourself and regain control by learning some of the key SEO principles.

Find out more about training

5Do you work ‘with’ or refer work to other agencies?

I do not have formal arrangements with any agencies.

I have been in the industry a long time and know many people, so if clients ask me for ‘a copywriter’, a ‘link builder’, a ‘developer’, I can give them suggestions, that is it.

6Can you help my developer create an SEO friendly site?


One of my regular responsibilities has been to write SEO specifications for clients, which form part of the overall website specification.

It is far more cost-effective to include your SEO and site performance requirements upfront, rather than try and integrate these after the site’s been built.

7Why are you offering these services if your loans websites are so successful?

Two reasons

  1. Credit crunch in the guarantor loans market – for about a year there has been a severe credit crunch in the guarantor loans market (where my sites specialise), so whilst website rankings and leads have been excellent, the income being generated from the sites is not.
  2. To work with people again – working on your own sites can be a lonely business, and I have missed the buzz of working with clients and helping their sites too.

Jon's experience and results

Expertise based on implementing SEO knowledge hands-on what works.

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