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Getting To Know You


We get to know you and your businesses so all marketing is based on what is right for you. We do not have standard packages and one size does not fit all. We look for long term relationships with quality businesses.

Your Website

Your website is the major springboard from which your online marketing jumps. Not only should it look great but be simple to use, fast and loved by the search engines. We will work to help your website reach its full potential.

Your Competitors

Knowing your online competitors will inform your online strategy. We work with you to ensure you are only targeting markets where you will see success. This can inform the products and services you market online.

Your budget

We work within agreed budgets. We always focus on maximising your return on investment. Our local SEO and web marketing campaigns are designed with cost efficiency in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

1I have had bad experiences with other agencies, why should I trust you?

One of the problems in digital marketing is the common use of ‘smoke and mirrors’. It is easy to produce graphs that look good and language that sounds impressive. So, it will often take many months for a client to realise that nothing is being achieved.
Here are seven ways in which we would look to earn your trust:

1. Early results

Achieving early results is a key way of earning your trust. We design your local SEO and web campaigns to achieve early success. On achieving this we can work towards bigger targets.

2. Long term strategies

It is possible to get to the top of Google fast using strategies that put your website at risk of getting banned. We only use strategies that meet Googles’ terms of service which will benefit you for the long term.

3. Past work

We have delivered highly successful local SEO campaigns for clients in a diverse range of industries including: construction, surveying, finance, law, photography and home improvement. If you are considering employing us we are happy for you to speak to others we have worked for. Please see our testimonials.

4. Timesheets

A common complaint our clients have of other agencies is not knowing what they are doing. At the end of each month we provide you with a time sheet so you can see the tasks undertaken and the time taken. Immediately this gives us accountability for everything we do for you.

5. Performance targets

We will agree with you targets before starting a marketing campaign. This includes timescales and results. If these targets are not achieved then we are accountable to you for this.

6. Communication

We understand that a key part of trust in any relationship is communication. You will be able to meet and talk with us, and will get regular updates using clear jargon-free English.

2What accountability do you have to achieving results?

Before initiating local SEO services or web marketing activity, we will agree your targets, the time it will take us and the cost. So, at the beginning of all campaigns there are set performance targets which we all agree too.

If we do not achieve this, we are accountable to you for this.

3What return on investment should I expect?

Sorry, but we cannot give you an answer here as there are too many variables. We would need to know about your product, competition, sales funnel and much more. To discuss a realistic ROI for your business, please contact us.

4How long will it take before I see results?

We understand that we will only build your trust if you see results from what we are doing. Whilst every industry has ‘big fish’ to go after, we look to get you results in the first two months. We will design your campaign so we can build our working relationship step by step.

5What are your marketing services costs?

Sorry, but we cannot give you an answer to this here either! All our costs relate to your business and the work we do for you, we do not have standard packages. Before starting any work, you will be given you a full written quote.

We are not a Central London agency and keep our overheads low, so our costs are reasonable and affordable. We have ‘one man bands’ and local family businesses as clients as well as our much larger national clients.

6What is SEO, and is local SEO different?

SEO is an abbreviation of search engine optimisation. Its goal is to help your web pages get to the top of Googles’ natural listings. Local SEO is similar, but helps you to rank for location based searches such as “best hotel in central London”. To find out more see our SEO Services and Local SEO Services pages.

If you would like to educate yourself and find out more about SEO, why not go on one of our very affordable SEO Training Courses. We will teach you the fundamentals of SEO, plus how to manage and SEO agency!

7I've received a Google Penalty, can you help?

Yes, we are very experienced in helping websites recover from Google penalties.

Many clients have come to us with penalties due to the SEO activities of their previous agency.

If you have a Google penalty please contact us.

8Can you do web design, I thought you specialised in web marketing?

We do a great deal of web design for our clients.

With the explosion of mobile web browsing, it is important that websites are fast and easy to use. Your site’s visitors like fast and responsive websites as does Google. If your website is not designed to be search engine friendly, all other digital marketing work will be less effective.

We started building websites for our clients because many came to us with sites that were not search engine friendly. We have now been providing web design for many years. To find out more see our Web Design Services page.

9What is social media marketing and will it work for my business?

Social media gives businesses a great platform to communicate with potential customers.

Many use their social media posts to shout “buy my stuff”, which most of us are very bored with and does not work. Whilst many do not approach social media in the right way that does not mean it cannot be effective.

10What is pay per click / PPC / AdWords?

On Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., there are listings you see that are adverts. 

You only pay if someone clicks on your advert, hence the term pay per click (PPC for short). AdWords is Googles version of PPC. This is far superior to adverts of old where you pay up front irrespective of results.

PPC can be a very fast way of generating good quality website visitors from Google, Facebook etc.

11Can you help with email marketing?

Whist email marketing is not our core speciality, we have helped many existing clients run effective email marketing campaigns.

If a customer has bought from you in the past, it is easier to persuade them to buy again over a brand-new prospect. Email marketing can be a great way to build your relationships with your past customers if done properly (no spamming).

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