Get Top Kent Rankings, Traffic, Enquiries, and Sales

Many people who use search engines include place names to find exactly what they are looking for, such as "surveyor in Sevenoaks", "solicitor in Tonbridge" or even "SEO agency in Kent".

We can help your website to be found for searches relevant to your business.

Frequently asked questions

1Why should I trust your agency over the numerous other SEO companies?

We do understand that employing a web marketing company can be daunting. It is a discipline where typically jargon is overused, and many agencies over promise and under deliver.

The three steps are:

  • Conduct an interview for all candidate

    A good SEO agency should not only focus on your search engine rankings, but also on how they can help your business.

  • Check references of past clients

    Ask for references from past clients to whom the agency has provided useful help and guidance. Also check they worked effectively with other web developers, designers, and marketers.

  • Commission a technical and search audit

    Get a prioritised list of what SEO items they think should be improved. Plus, an audit of your branded search query performance, and identify the types of queries that it makes sense for your business to rank for.

To book a technical and search audit, see our SEO Audit page.

2What will your services cost?

We cannot give you an answer until we know what work will best serve your business, whether that be SEO, local SEO, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, or something else.

3What is the difference between SEO and Local SEO?

Local SEO is the discipline of achieving top Google rankings for searches where there is a local intent, such as:

  • Example 1: the searcher is in Dartford and types into Google “coffee shops” on their mobile, so is expecting to see relevant nearby maps results.
  • Example 2: the searcher is on their PC, and looking for a hotel for their stay in Royal Tunbridge Wells next week, so types into Google “hotels in Tunbridge Wells”, so will expect to see both maps and natural results in Google with relevant results.
  • Example 3: the searcher lives in Kent and needs to market their business online, and types into Google “seo services kent”, and “kent seo” to find the best results.

SEO is the discipline of achieving top Google rankings for searches where there is no local intent, such as:

  • Example 1: the searcher is looking for a loan, and types into Google “cheap car loans”, they are not interested if the company is local or not.
  • Example 2: the searcher is looking for the cheapest fittings they can find for their new bathroom and may type into Google “cheap bathroom accessories” or “modern bathroom fittings”.

There are businesses like ourselves who need both ‘Local SEO’ and ‘SEO’, as we target in the search engines queries such as “seo company kent” and “local seo services”.

4How long does SEO take?

Depending on many factors, SEO campaigns typically take between 4 months and a year; though that is not to say that you will not get results before then.

Especially with established websites, we have achieved very positive increases in rankings and visitors within weeks.

You need to remember that SEO is like laying a pipeline, once down the leads will flow even if you have not done specific work that week. Though maintenance is typically required; plus, if a competitor builds a bigger pipeline right next to yours, you may need to upgrade.

5I have multiple locations outside of Kent, can you help?

We are very experienced at optimising multiple locations for businesses; this process is just a matter of repeating the work carried out for one location.

Though sometimes things start to fail when the quality of the listings and web pages decline; human nature kicks in and some people get bored and lazy when setting up multiple locations, using the same photos and text.

It is very important for businesses with multiple locations that their Google My Business Listings and associated local web pages, are well set up, with relevant local photos, local names, addresses and phone numbers, with good relevant local information.

6What other types of web marketing could help my business?

This will of course depend on your business and its goals, but we can provide you the following marketing options:

Social Media Marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. This can be extremely effective for some local businesses.

Pay Per Click is a type of web advertising in which a fee is paid each time an ad is clicked; essentially, it’s a way of buying visitors to your website much quicker than the 4 months to a year it takes for SEO.

Email Marketing could be simply described as using email to promote products and /or services; though a better definition would be the use of email to develop relationships with potential customers. Develop relationships is highly relevant to most types of business.

Top Rankings to Drive More Enquiries

For most businesses, local search engine marketing should deliver more enquiries and customers.

Local search domination in Kent

There are no secrets to SEO, and the following are three of the top factors that will help you achieve top rankings.

Business & Marketing Resources

Digital marketing is certainly not the only way to market your business, in Kent there is a wealth of other marketing opportunities and resources.

1Business Networking in Kent

Click here to see the very useful PDF put together by The Kent Foundation, listing most of the networking groups in Kent.

To learn more about digital marketing and meet other like-minded local business owners, Digital in Kent is worth attending.

We'd also recommend attending one of the Official Kent Digital Meetups that are regularly hosted across the county.

2Kent Chambers of Commerce

The Chamber provides Kent based businesses the opportunity for networking, business advice, training, international trade services and more. There are a number of chapters in Kent, including:

  • Kent Invicta

    Covering the County of Kent & Medway

  • West Kent Chamber of Commerce

    Covering the area bounded by Sevenoaks, Edenbridge, Westerham, Tonbridge, Hadlow, Paddock Wood, Cranbrook, Staplehurst, Hawkhurst, Tunbridge Wells.

  • Thanet and East Kent Chamber of Commerce

    Covering Thanet and East Kent

3Kent and Medway Business Fund

They offer 0% loans between £50,000 and £500,000 to small and medium sized businesses.

In Ashford, Canterbury, Dartford, Dover, Gravesham, Maidstone, Medway, Sevenoaks, Shepway, Swale, Thanet, Tonbridge and Malling, and Tunbridge Wells.

For more details see:

4Kent and Medway Growth Hub

They help new and existing businesses find the most suitable type of business support available in their area.

For example, their team of business support advisors can help you identify relevant programmes; initiatives or funding schemes currently on offer across Kent & Medway and can help you access them.

For more details see:

5The Kent Foundation

A charity that provides business advice and mentoring for Kent's young people; which also includes networking, resources, and business awards.

For example, their team of business support advisors can help you identify relevant programmes; initiatives or funding schemes currently on offer across Kent & Medway and can help you access them.

For more details see: