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Jonathon is a search engine optimisation specialist; his posts aim to be highly practical

Local SEO Guide for Business [2021]

When looking for a local product or service, most of us now pick up our smartphone to search online for what we need. These stats show […]

SEO Guide for Business [2021]

For most people, Google is the first place they turn when looking for a product or service. The websites occupying the top Google positions can reap […]
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Why Online Press Releases Can Be Great for Marketing Your Businesses

Regardless of the size of your business or the industry you have the potential to receive benefit from regular online press releases. Of all the marketing […]
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How Long Does Local SEO Take and why so much BS?

Why is it that there is so much BS surrounding what is really a very simple question – how long will my local SEO take? This […]
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Where should small business owners ask their customers to post reviews?

Online customer reviews are a key part of a small businesses local SEO strategy; we all like to find out what others think of a product […]
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Keywords – the foundation of everything

If you want to be found on Google, you need to have a broad understanding of keywords and how they should be used in your website […]
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5 Tips to Writing an Effective Press Release?

After making the decision to pursue this line of marketing, this inevitably leads to the stage where someone will need to write your press release. Many […]
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The Keys of Effective SEO Copywriting

Effective Search Engine Optimisation copywriting to use its full name involves writing useable and engaging content. This has the dual purpose of providing the reader with […]