Ongoing SEO support to provide help and guidance when you need it

  • Day-to-day answers - so issues are dealt with straight away and do not expand into bigger problems.
  • Regular reviews – looking at work done and the results achieved to help guide planning and strategy.
  • Campaign management – strategic help to identify and plan for new targets.



Providing support when you need it

For you, your team, an external agency or freelance team

On Call

Available by email, phone or Zoom to answer your SEO questions when you need help.


To monitor campaign progress, provide guidance and raise any necessary ‘red flags’.


To review the quality of the SEO work being carried out and feedback required changes.


Help with the setting of new targets and updating the campaign plan as goals are met.


Available on Call

Providing expert advice at those time-critical moments.

Having managed a team of SEO’s, and worked with numerous clients, there are times when something just needs an answer straight away.

  • Maybe you have seen a sudden drop in rankings?
  • Maybe the wrong pages are now ranking for your keywords?
  • Maybe your developer has a technical SEO question?

Jon can be available by email, phone, or Zoom to answer any questions you can throw at him.

Also owning websites himself, Jon appreciates the urgency of some issues, how they need to be sorted out straight away and how valuable expert advice can be at the right time.

Available for Regular
Campaign Reviews

Asking the right questions and monitoring the right metrics to keep the campaign on track.

Having managed the SEO campaigns for multiple clients, with multiple different teams, Jon has learned that without regular reviews, it is extremely easy to go off track!

If an SEO campaign and website's search performance is not critically reviewed regularly, you could be missing both problems and opportunities.

Typically, a campaign should receive some form of monthly review, with a more in-depth critical review every 3 or 6 months.

The reviews should also focus on the key targets for the business, and how you are progressing towards these. Are supporting metrics showing the growth that should be there? Are any challenges being faced and are there roadblocks stopping future progress.

Well-structured reviews are the cornerstone for your SEO success, and as a third party, Jon can help provide impartial progress reviews, so everyone is kept on-track.

Available for Planned or
Ad Hoc Quality Control

Checking those key details to ensure quality is being maintained.

There are many elements of SEO that are ‘behind the scenes, and without regular checks, it is easy for the quality to drop and key mistakes to be made.

Time and time again, I have seen that when teams get busy, quality can drop.

For SEO where attention to detail can be key, it is important to closely monitor work being done, and correct when standards start dropping.

Jon can provide planned, or ad hoc checks on the work your team is undertaking, to ensure it is up to scratch.

Available for Ongoing
Campaign Planning

As you start meeting targets new plans are needed to meet new goals.

Your SEO plan should never be complete, it should adapt and grow as you set new goals.

Although regularly updating your plan can be challenging, especially when you are also working day to day to get things done.

In parallel with the recommended campaign reviews and quality control, Jon can periodically help you to keep your plan up to date, ensuring the correct focus.


1What day-to-day support is available?

Ad-hoc or planned is available.

Via email, phone, or Zoom contact options are available, plus face-to-face meetings if you are within 1.5 hours drive of Oxted in Surrey.

2How much does support cost?

The cost will depend on how much time you want to ‘buy’ which is based on a rate of £55 per hour.

So, you will buy X hours per month.

If you do not use your time in a particular month, there is the option to either roll it over to the next month, or Jon can do a review, or audit, or some training so that you make the best use of the time you have purchased.

3Can support be provided whenever I need it?

Potentially yes.

Bespoke support packages are available based on your business’s needs, which can include Jon being available anytime during the working week for assistance.

Jon is not available evenings, weekends, or bank holidays, plus there will be times that he will be on annual leave, and will let you know when that is.

4Can my team, or external agency be provided with support too?

Potentially yes.

The support package can include members of your team, or external team (agencies, freelancers, etc).

5What campaign reviews are available?

Any that are required, such as:

  • Kick-off review – sense checks at the beginning to make sure the campaign starts off on the right foot.
  • Monthly check-ins – to regularly see how the campaign is progressing, provide guidance, quality checks on work, and the checking key data points.
  • Six-month reviews – to look at a more strategic level how the campaign is progressing in relation also to the competition. Providing guidance on the direction of the campaign, key targets, and any new focus that may be required.
6What format do the reviews take?

Typically, as follows:

  1. SEO team to provide a summary of work done, and performance, and any challenges faced.
  2. Jon to independently look at this report, the website, plus any other relevant research.
  3. Jon and the SEO team to meet to discuss the campaign in detail, including proposals, and agree on proposals for the way forward.
  4. Jon to summarise the key actions for the next campaign period.
7What do you mean by quality control?

Making sure the work being done is of the standard that your ambitions, market, and Google demands.

When people are busy, it is easy for standards to drop, though even a poorly written Meta Title, which is only a relatively small item of work, can have a major impact on a page’s performance.

Even the knowledge that checks will be done on their work will help your teams quality level to improve!

So, to ensure that standards are maintained by your team (in-house, or an external agency or freelancers), Jon can provide spot checks on the work being done.