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Frequently asked questions

1How can I use social media for my business?

How you best use social media depends on your business model, market, customers, marketing activities and more..

We specialise in using social media as a marketing tool. Many use it for PR and brand building but that is not our speciality. We approach social media as a platform to build relationships with your current and potential customers. Relationships help to build confidence which should make the selling easier.

We also use social media as a very effective advertising platform to achieve faster results.

2Are some markets more suited to Social Media Marketing?

Just like all other forms of marketing, social media is not effective for all markets.

Say you are a nuclear industry supplier, we doubt that Facebook posts on nuclear technology would be effective!

However, you may be able to make good contacts on LinkedIn? If you are a travel agent, Facebook posts on fantastic holidays may grab people’s attention

3What should I use - social media, SEO, PPC, email marketing?

The answer to this very much depends on your marketing budget and what you are trying to achieve, how much time you have to undertake some of your own marketing, your business model, what will work best and more..

There is not a simple answer to this question without knowing more about your business.

4How do you build relationships with social media?

You need to get into the 'head' of your potential customers and find out what they are interested in.

Let’s say you are a builder specialising in house extensions and refurbishments. I doubt many of their customers would be interested in foundations, lintels, or the best mortar to use. People are generally interested in things that benefit them. Some possible Facebook posts for a builder:

  • DIY top tips - a series of DIY hacks that people could use themselves
  • Where to get cheap stuff - a series of tips on decent suppliers

This could give our builder a human face and show someone who cares. This will go a long way to getting the trust of potential customers.

5How do you generate sales using social media? 

Once you have built your following, so long as it’s clear what you do and people know how to get hold of you, the enquiries will follow.

You should approach direct selling on social media with extreme caution. Just think about the social media mindset – people may have been reading about their sister’s kids or a 'surfing cat'.

This is very different to the Google mindset where they may have typed "builder in London".

That is not to say that you do not send out promotions, but they should be the exceptions and not the norm.

If you want a quick paid advertising solution, you would use their pay per click advertising platforms. See our Social Media Advertising section, you will not build relationships in the same way, but it can be a 'quick win'.

6Which social media platform do I use?

This is a very good question is it can seem so daunting with all the platforms out there: Facebook [3] , Twitter [4] , LinkedIn [5] , Instagram [6] , Pinterest [7] , Google+ [8] and so many more!

The simple answer is that you use the platforms that your potential customers do.

For example, if you are a football club, and all your supporters use Twitter, then you should use Twitter. If you are a make-up manufacturer, and your customers use Facebook, then Facebook. Or maybe you are a recruitment agency, so LinkedIn is a good platform.

Why social media is so different and powerful

Today many use social media and waste a lot of time, so many businesses miss the opportunity it presents

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The results of effective social media marketing

For business, social media is like any other marketing channel, a medium that must deliver return on investment.

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Social media advertising

Social media adverts however provide an excellent alternative to the search engines and in many cases, are significantly cheaper.

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Facebook’s advertising revenue has grown from $1.9B in 2010 to $27B in 2016 [1] , this is simply because Facebook is an extremely effective place for businesses both large and small to place adverts.


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