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If you are looking for a high end website with all the ‘bells and whistles’ then we are probably not for you.

If however you need a good looking future proof website that Google loves and will convert visitors into customers at an affordable price then contact us

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Google friendly design that converts visitors to customers

Your website will be designed and built so both your visitors and Google love your site

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Loved by the search engines

Google has billions of websites to read and add to its index. It makes sense that it prefers sites that are well designed and written over those that are not.

Turns visitors into customers

If you have a product or service that your market wants, there is nothing complicated about creating a site that your visitors want to buy from. You know instinctively what it takes because you have bought from those sites yourself.

Affordable maintainable sites that work on mobiles


Your website will be built for an affordable price on technology that is regularly updated, and works well on smart phones and tablets.

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Affordable Prices

When we design, and build a website we do not look to re-invent the wheel, we have a well-oiled procedure that will help to keep your costs to a minimum.

Your site will look fantastic and give just the right impression for your business, but at a level that is appropriate for your business and your market.

Maintainable and future proof

Your site will be built on a platform that is highly maintainable. This means that even if you stop using our services, you can easily find someone else to do this work for you.

Your site will also be built using technology that is regularly updated so it does not go out of date.

Mobile Friendly

Google now says that more than half of its UK searches are now on mobile. [1].

You site will therefore be built to be ‘responsive’. The same site will automatically change shape to look great on tablets and mobiles, as well as a desktop.

Update yourself

Have you ever owned a website in the past and had to rely on someone else to update it for you? If you have, you will relate to how frustrating this can be.

All our website can be updated by its owner, from page changes to adding blog posts.

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Turn more visitors into customers with conversion rate optimisation


Increase the number of customers from your website

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More customer actions

The purpose of conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is to encourage more people to take action.

Depending on your website and business these actions may vary.

From picking up the phone, sending and enquiry, signing up to a newsletter, buying a product or something completely different.

Testing and measuring

CRO is a systematic approach to improving the performance of your website informed by your websites analytics and user feedback.

It requires the testing and measuring of you web pages to inform how they can be improved so you can make the most of your websites traffic.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you to drive more ‘actions’ from your websites visitors, please call Mike.

Get website functionality with web development


Web development is the ‘cleaver stuff’ behind the scenes that builds great functionality into your website

Web development concept image

There are 101 potential uses for web development, 5 examples:

  1. Website – your website is the most common place that most people come across web development, it is all the cleaver coding that makes a website work. We aim to keep you web development costs to a minimum with our website designs, as where possible we use pre-coded solutions, like WordPress, etc.
  2. Customer portal – build a useful customer portal your clients can log into to find out details about their account etc.
  3. Tools – build a hardy tool for your site that visitors can use – for example a loan calculator
  4. Apps - Build a mobile app for your business
  5. 3rd party interface – let’s say you are a travel agent and you wish to show the latest prices and deals from your holiday suppliers. Web development can set up this interface so you can automatically pull down all the information that is available.

If your website needs additional functionality for your sites visitors and customers, call Mike to discuss.

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