Local SEO

Help more customers find your business with local search marketing

97% of customers search for local businesses online

83% then follow up their research with action

  • Phone calls
  • Emails
  • Visits
  • Purchases

Boosting your positions in and Google-Maps-Icon-2 maps

How it works?

Frequently asked questions

1Is local search the same at search engine optimisation?

Yes, local search is a form of search engine optimisation that focusses on top Google Natural and Maps rankings. See screenshot.

The focus is your location.
Ranking in both these sections at the same time can be very profitable for many local businesses.

2How do I know if local search marketing is right for my business?

We use tools to find out how many people are searching for certain phrases.

For example, there are about 250 people searching Google for “plumber in Surrey” a month.

If this figure was zero we may decide there are other searches we would target instead.

3What results should I expect?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing your business, website, budget, or competition.

What we can say is that we have helped lots of others - please read our testimonials.

To give you a more accurate assessment of what may be possible please call Mike to chat this though.

Though not to dodge the question.

Local SEO does not typically provide instant results in the way a newspaper advert may do.

We normally expect results after 3 to 6 months (preferring to under promise and over deliver). Though we will look for quick wins, as everyone likes success in the first 2 months.

That is not to say that we have not had quicker results, especially for an older established website.

4How much will it cost?

We cannot give you a cost until we have spoken as we do not know the work your business needs.

We do not have ‘standard packages’ as our work is tailored to your businesses, your budget and goals.

To reassure you that our services are affordable we help many business types:

  • Micro ‘one man band’ businesses
  • Small local family businesses
  • Medium sized regional businesses
  • National businesses with local premises

We do not have any clients who pay less than £750 per month, and some of our largest clients pay tens of thousands.

The amount is set by the work that is required to get a great return on investment.

5Am I tied into a contract?

We do not believe in retaining clients by tying them into a contract.

Our aim is to over perform so you will not want to stop using our services.

When we quote for your marketing project we will lay out the work that is required and the full costs.

6Will you work for any business?

Whilst we have worked for most types of business over the years, we will not work for any business.

We look for relationships where we can add value; the following are some of the things we look for with new clients:

  • One client per market per area

If we have a client who operates in an area, we will not take on another firm operating the same services in the same area.

If we work for you we will not work for your competition!

  • Quality products and services

We pride ourselves in offering great marketing services to our clients. We prefer to only work with other businesses who have a similar ethos.

  • Existing marketing activities

We prefer to work with businesses who already market their services. This experience can make the journey to online success much shorter.

  • Marketing budget
We only work with businesses who are serious about their marketing. This would include companies who plan and budget their marketing activities.

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Local Search Engine Optimisation


Elements that will help you help you achieve top rankings in Googles natural listings and maps are discussed below

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The results of effective Local SEO


The result of a successful local search campaign should be more enquiries and sales. This is mainly achieved top Google rankings

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Boosting your positions in and Google-Maps-Icon-2 maps


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