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Get to the top of Google in your local area with Google Places

Setting up a good quality Google Places listing is THE first thing a local business should do to market themselves locally online. People click on Google Places listings over and above the natural […]

7 Small Business Blog Writing Tips

Get a good blog going and the visitors will arrive in droves. A regular well written blog is one of the best ways to get people […]

The First Steps to Optimising Your Website – The SEO Overhaul

This is post is aimed at the small business who is looking for the first time to optimise a website and does not know the first […]

Why does the SEO industry shun small business?

Having officially been in the been in the SEO industry for a relatively short period of time, it still staggers me how the UK SEO industry still seems […]

SEO Copywriting Specification

The following highlights some of the key criteria for ensuring a web page is correctly and effectively written for both visitors and search engines. (1) Fundamentals […]

An Introduction to Blogs for Small Business

This post is a brief introduction to Blogs for the Small Business Owner. A blog is a very good way to publicise your web-site, but like […]

3 reasons why business HAVE to have Social Media

A look at the data at the end of 2014 is sure confirmation that as a business it is vital for a business to operate through […]
9 Top Onsite Local SEO Tips
The following are 10 top tips for things you can do to your business website to assist with local search optimisation: 1. Geo Targeting Within the […]

Keywords – the foundation of everything

If you want to be found on Google, you need to have a broad understanding of keywords and how they should be used in your website […]

Social Media Beginners Guide – The first services I set up for small businesses

This post is a very brief and beginner focused summary of the first social media services I set up for small businesses; by the end of […]

How to create a Google Account

This is a very quick tutorial on how to set up a new Google account, this is really easy and should take 10 minutes at the […]