Why Online Press Releases can be a Great for Marketing your Businesses
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Why Online Press Releases can be a Great for Marketing your Businesses

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Regardless of the size of your business or the industry you have the potential to receive benefit from regular online press releases.

Of all the marketing channels, press releases can be a great weapon due to their ability to create mass exposure with very little effort.

Plus their use online can have SEO (search engine optimisation) benefits to your website.

With the opportunity to reach so many potential customers, An image showing the power of communicationyou have the ideal platform to keep your people informed regarding what your company is doing or has recently done, along with touching on any other relevant issues of the time. This, in turn, will help to educate readers on company news and help to present yourself as a trusted authority.

In addition to providing information to the public regarding company developments, the regular creation of press releases also offers several additional marketing benefits.

The Search Engine Journal offers a closer look at some of the ways that press releases can prove to be beneficial. Please click here for more information.

Free ExposureAn image of a free advertising sign

One of the best things about many press release distribution services is that much of the time, they are free! In a world where it is very difficult to get something for nothing, who do not want to receive some free exposure??

When used correctly, businesses can use press release distribution to establish a recognised presence on the internet.

If you are a new business with a limited budget, this can prove to be invaluable as with each new press release, more and more potential consumers will begin to be alerted to your presence and as they receive up to date information about your company, the more they become confident in the services you offer. Effective press releases CAN turn readers into clients.

The 8 great tips to write the perfect press release can help you to craft the perfect content. Click here for more.

Targeting the Right AudienceAn image of people standing on a bullseye

Press release distribution services offer the chance to target your audience. By choosing the most relevant category to your line of business and article topic, you can take great strides towards ensuring that your readers actually care about your company’s news because they are likely to be enthusiasts of your business’ industry.

Writing a press release? The 14 elements you need to include will help to ensure you target the right audience – https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescommunicationscouncil/2017/11/02/writing-a-press-release-14-elements-you-need-to-include/

Establishing Back-LinksAn image of a desk at work

If you are contemplating sending out press releases as part of an SEO campaign, you are probably already aware that acquiring credible back-links can be arguably the most influential aspect of off-site SEO activity. This is because the more inbound links your website can get from authoritative websites, the better.

Unfortunately, although nearly all PR distribution sites offer free options, it is rare to find ones that allow you to include any type of link within the body of your text with their free option. You do not have to pay a lot though for this option and excellent websites such as www.onlineprnews.com offer the chance to include links for as little as $22 per release.

Enhanced Search Engine RankingsAn SEO word cloud

Each submitted press release containing a link back to your website enhances the chance of increasing your website’s ranking with search engines.

The key here, however, is to submit the most valuable news about your company.

For on this, check out An Introduction to PR Strategy for SEOs

Where Should I Look?An image of a laptop and some receipts

A quick search for ‘Press Release Distribution Sites’ will identify a huge number of websites offering their services but which are the best ones to start with?

If your aim is to solely increase your company’s visibility by releasing interesting and relevant information, targeting the free options could be the best alternative for you.

The websites listed below are some good free options available.

If however, you wish to take this a step further and include a link back to your website for SEO purposes, some of the most cost-effective options include:


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