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Helpful articles about digital marketing, and what may be relevant to your business.


PPC Marketing Guide for Business [2021]

In this guide, we cover all you need to know to decide if PPC marketing is right for you, and the important things to consider.  We cover why it can be so powerful for many businesses because it’s fast, measurable, and in many cases cost-effective. Though cover some of the key elements to ensure success.

Social Media Guide for Business [2021]

In this guide, we cover what your business needs to know about effective marketing via social media platforms. How you can build relationships with potential customers, have direct communication, and ultimately increase inquiries and sales.

Digital Marketing Guide for Business [2021]

In this guide, we cover all you need to know about digital marketing, and how to use digital channels such as your website, Google search, social media, and email to engage with prospective and current customers, and drive new inquiries and sales.

The Website Design & Development Guide [2021]

In this guide, we cover what your business needs to know about commissioning a new website, so the website you end up with is what your business needs.

Email Marketing Introduction

In this guide, we cover all you need to know to decide if email marketing is right for you, and how to get started. Such as dispelling the preconceptions many people have (due to spam email), and how for some businesses it is very effective. We cover the email list, and where this comes from, how the emails are sent out, and the approach you will need to take to be effective.

Why Online Press Releases Can Be Great for Marketing your Businesses

Regardless of the size of your business or the industry you have the potential to receive benefit from regular online press releases. Of all the marketing channels, press releases can be a great weapon due to their ability to create mass exposure with very little effort. Plus their use online can have SEO (search engine optimisation) benefits to your website. With the opportunity to reach so many potential customers, you have the ideal platform to […]

3 Easy Ways to Publicise Your Blog Posts

The purpose of this blog post is to be a very quick guide as to stuff you should do to help promote the blog post you have just carefully written and uploaded to your blog. Is very important to promote the post you have just written, for if no one reads it, what is the point? 1. Publish on your Social Media Profiles Submit your blog post to all your social media profiles (if you […]

Why Focusing On Customer Engagement Is Vital For 2019

As one of the leading trends in businesses of all sectors, customer engagement should be a priority in 2019. If your business does not yet a customer engagement strategy in place then now is the time to start giving it some serious thought. As consumers increasingly become loyal to brands through positive engagement rather than product costs or even the products themselves, keeping up with those needs is therefore key. Failing to develop positive customer […]

Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Up To Date?

While digital marketing is now an essential factor in growing a business, there are such a variety of options available that is can become very confusing. With the evolving trends and the available technologies, knowing whether your digital marketing is on the cutting-edge is increasingly challenging. Whether you’re new to digital marketing or you’re concerned about your existing digital strategy, there are some key basics that you should be integrating into your marketing. Use these […]