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Why does the SEO industry shun small business?

Having officially been in the been in the SEO industry for a relatively short period of time, it still staggers me how the UK SEO industry still seems […]

Why Focusing On Customer Engagement Is Vital For 2019

As one of the leading trends in businesses of all sectors, customer engagement should be a priority in 2019. If your business does not yet a […]
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Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Up To Date?

While digital marketing is now an essential factor of growing a business, there are such a variety of options available that is can become very confusing. […]
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An Introduction to Blogs for Small Business

This post is a brief introduction to Blogs for the Small Business Owner. A blog is a very good way to publicise your website, but like […]
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SEO Copywriting Specification

The following highlights some of the key criteria for ensuring a web page is correctly and effectively written for both visitors and search engines. (1) Fundamentals […]

Getting Google Places and Maps Reviews

The purpose of this post is to briefly give you some pointers as to how to get your customers to give you good reviews on Google […]
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Your First Five Shots in Local SEO

Back in 2013, Jonathon Monk gave an hours presentation to over 1,000 delegates in Basingstoke regarding Local Search Engine optimisation and the key things that business […]
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Social Media Beginners Guide – The first services I set up for small businesses

This post is a very brief and beginner focused summary of the first social media services I set up for small businesses; by the end of […]
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8 Top Reasons to Definitely Use WordPress for Your Business’ Website

WordPress is the Worlds most popular website content management system – a system that basically enables you to set up and work on your own website […]
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The First Steps to Optimising Your Website – The SEO Overhaul

This is post is aimed at the small business who is looking for the first time to optimise a website and does not know the first […]
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3 reasons why business HAVE to have Social Media

A look at the data at the end of 2018 is sure confirmation that as a business it is vital for a business to operate through […]