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7 Small Business Blog Writing Tips

Get a good blog going and the visitors will arrive in droves. A regular well-written blog is one of the best ways to get people coming […]

UK Directories for Local Business – the first I’ll register with

Online Directories The following post is a very brief introduction to web directories for Small Business and which ones we recommend registering with. It has been […]
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9 Top Onsite Local SEO Tips

The following are 10 top tips for things you can do to your business website to assist with local search optimisation: 1. Geo-Targeting Within the text […]

Get to the top of Google in your local area with Google Places

Setting up a good quality Google Places listing is THE first thing a local business should do to market themselves locally online. People click on Google Places listings over and above the natural […]

How to create a Google Account

This is a very quick tutorial on how to set up a new Google account, this is really easy and should take 10 minutes at the […]

Three Steps to getting your business listed on DMOZ

There are a relatively small number of steps which need to be followed to submit your website for listing on DMOZ. Note these have to be […]

How effective is a DMOZ Directory Listing for SEO purposes?

One of the most significant keys to creating a successful search engine optimisation campaign is finding a way to ensure that Google trusts your website. There […]

Welcome to the Google Business Listing Dashboard – Is Google Places Dead?

Google have rolled out in the UK a dashboard from which you can now manage your local listing. This update brings together the previous Google Places […]

5 Easy Steps to Being Found Locally On The Web Video

[su_spacer size=”5″] These are five steps that you can do today to start you business being found online locally. The following is the recording of a […]

How to Make Sure Google Finds Your Local Businesses

[su_spacer] For the local business it is very important to give Google as many clues as possible as to where you are located. For Local SEO […]

An Introduction To Google Analytics Video

[su_spacer] If you can’t measure it, you cannot improve it!   Google Analytics is a free tool that makes it possible to measure your websites performance; […]