The First Steps to Optimising Your Website – The SEO Overhaul

This is post is aimed at the small business who is looking for the first time to optimise a website and does not know the first steps. The following really lays out what would normally fall under the banner of an SEO Overhaul. Once the SEO overhaul has been completed you would not expect this work to be needed again for the website for at least a year to eighteen months. Search engine optimisation is […]

3 reasons why business HAVE to have Social Media

A look at the data at the end of 2018 is sure confirmation that as a business it is vital for a business to operate through Social Media. Though data for the UK may be scarce and hard to find; information on the activities of our American cousins is bountiful and shows a worldwide trend. 1. Social Media is used by a vast majority 91% per cent of online adults today (a whole 129 million […]

7 Small Business Blog Writing Tips

Get a good blog going and the visitors will arrive in droves. A regular well-written blog is one of the best ways to get people coming to your website; it will help people find you on the web which will ultimately earn your business more money! We recommend that all our local business clients write a regular blog, and the great thing is you can do it yourself. 1. Make Time, Start Early A mistake made […]

UK Directories for Local Business – the first I’ll register with

Online Directories The following post is a very brief introduction to web directories for Small Business and which ones we recommend registering with. It has been the practice of many SEO companies over the years to register clients with sometimes thousands of web directories. This practice is now not only ineffective for your SEO efforts but due to changes made in 2012 to their algorithm can actually have a negative impact on your efforts. There […]

9 Top Onsite Local SEO Tips

The following are 10 top tips for things you can do to your business website to assist with local search optimisation: 1. Geo-Targeting Within the text on your site, and especially your home page, include the target towns, areas, and counties within your copy, filenames, anchor text, and meta tags. For more on the concept of ‘geo-targeting’, please click here. 2. Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) Within the crawlable text, above the fold, and […]

Get to the top of Google in your local area with Google Maps

Setting up a good quality Google Places listing is THE first thing a local business should do to market themselves locally online. People click on Google Places listings over and above the natural listings because the business address and customers reviews are shown, and people like to buy from highly regarded local firms. This post explains how to set up a good quality Google Places listing that will ‘fly’ for your business. First Steps to Setting up Your Google Places Listing 1) You firstly […]

Three Steps to getting your business listed on DMOZ

There are a relatively small number of steps that need to be followed to submit your website for listing on DMOZ. Note these have to be done properly, for if you do not and put your business into the correct section your listing may be rejected, and you will not get a second chance to re-enter your details. Step 1 – Ensure that your website is not already listed on DMOZ The first and most […]

How effective is a DMOZ Directory Listing for SEO purposes?

One of the most significant keys to creating a successful search engine optimisation campaign is finding a way to ensure that Google trusts your website. There are a number of ways to try and achieve this goal but one of the most highly respected methods is ensuring that your website is listed on the DMOZ Directory. Whilst not packing quite the same punch that it used to previously, DMOZ is still the most respected online […]

5 Easy Steps to Being Found Locally On The Web Video

These are five steps that you can do today to start your business being found online locally. The following is the recording of a seminar given by Jonathon Monk to local business owners on how to get your website found locally on Google; the steps include: Name, Address, and Phone Number on your website Claim your listing with the 3 major Search Engines Get Directory Listings Get Reviews GEO Targeting This presentation was given two years […]