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7 Small Business Blog Writing Tips

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Get a good blog going and the visitors will arrive in droves.

A regular well-written blog is one of the best ways to get people coming to your website; it will help people find you on the web which will ultimately earn your business more money!

We recommend that all our local business clients write a regular blog, and the great thing is you can do it yourself.

1. Make Time, Start EarlyAn image of a clock

A mistake made over and over is that people just don’t make time for their writing, leaving something to last minute will cause a heap of stress. We recommend you start a week earlier to when you aim to publish, do this and you won’t have deadlines looming.

You don’t always have to publish right away either, make use of the draft function and come back to it later if you get stuck, start it early and you’ll have ample time to do this.

Could you time management use a little boost? Check out the following article for some great tips –

2. Know The GoalAn image of a goal being scored in football

Before writing anything understand what the goal of the post will be.

If you know what information and what action the post is meant to be making beforehand then the writing will flow – If you don’t have a clear goal; what you write won’t be worthwhile.

Part of this will be knowing any keywords you need to include in your title and post.

Follow these 7 Tips for Writing that Great Blog Post, Every Time for a little extra inspiration.

3. Update OftenAn image of a new update

Updating your blog often is a vital thing to do, a slow blog is a useless blog. You should aim for a blog post per week, and to be sure to use social media like Facebook & Twitter to link back to your blog and stir up interest on a regular basis. Reach out to customers in this way and you’ll never be short of subject matter.

If you don’t think you can manage to update your blog at the very least once every 3 months, then its probably better you stick to other methods of marketing.

If you’re struggling for ideas for your content, click here for some guidance.

4. Stay with the timesAn image of a trends stencil

Seasonal change or new fads are great things to keep in time and reference to with your writing.

Whether it’s a new craze or new season swinging in, you can use it to your advantage, promote a new item in store which has ties to the latest ‘in thing’ or feature a next season deal.

Click here to see how to tap into some current trends!

5. Be InterestingAn interesting sign

Tell stories, share histories, be interesting!

This is key, if you want people to read your blog then you’ll have to be interesting, share your passion for your business. People love stories and the histories of the products they’re buying.

Always post photos with the text, photos are the backbone of social media, they’ll keep things interesting and turn any bland text into a lively, full, interesting page.

Share the stories of staff, show you care for your employees, photos of happy employees lighten a site up and radiate a warm, pleasant image of your business – being a good, ethical business is more important than ever.

Small business owners are known for their passion for their work – share your passion and spark with your readers and they’ll always come back for more.

Great ideas don’t always have to be something completely ‘out there’. Click here to identify 100 killer ideas.

6. Help People OutAn image of two hands reaching out to join together

Linking to & promoting other products sounds a ridiculous idea, but its actually a very good thing to do so long as the business it benefits isn’t a rival in the sector.

By reviewing products & the services of others’ you’re providing people with a useful service, help someone out and they’ll be sure to visit your site again.

A very crafty way to play this out to your full advantage would be to review something which you currently sell or already provide, for instance, a salon would write a review on a certain shampoo they sell in the shop.

One of the foremost authorities on SEO think this is a good idea. Find out why by clicking here.

7. Keep It ShortA red keep it short sign

Lastly, make sure you always keep it short. Remember that people will be reading your post on a screen and don’t want to be reading great walls of text.

If you do have to write something long and very wordy break the text up regularly into small paragraphs. Online newspapers do this perfectly and serve as the best example.

Not sure what the ideal length is for your blog. See what the Search Engine Journal had to say about the optimum length for an article by clicking here.

8. Publish and promoteAn image of a promotion sign

Tell everyone about your new blog post:

  • Social Media – post a link of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and Delicious
  • Email your database telling them you have a new blog post that’s just been published
  • that they might find interesting

Comment on other blogs saying you like their post and here’s one you’ve just written which they may like now

Click here for 8 great ways to promote your blog.


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