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9 Top Onsite Local SEO Tips

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The following are 10 top tips for things you can do to your business website to assist with local search optimisation:

1. Geo-TargetingA Map of Surrey

Within the text on your site, and especially your home page, include the target towns, areas and counties within your copy, filenames, anchor text and meta tags.

For more on the concept of ‘geo-targeting’, please click here.

2. Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP)An image of a name and address on an envelope

Within the crawlable text, above the fold and throughout the site include the business Name, Address and Phone Number to ensure consistency within external citation sources such as Google Places, Yelp, etc.

To see why the consistency of NAP is so important, please click here.

3. Multiple LocationsAn image showing lots of pins on a Google Map

Each physical business location needs its own landing page on your website with a crawlable name, address and phone number.

Have you heard the phrase ‘landing page’ before but were a little unsure what it meant. Click here to find out more.

4. Service Area PagesAn image showing a number of services

Build pages relating to each of your services and in which geographical locations you undertake these services, for example, pest control London, pest control Surrey etc, this is to leverage location-based content so you can spread a wider net for the longer tail terms your customers will be searching for.

For more on this subject, please check out this excellent Moz article ‘Local Landing Pages: A Guide To Great Implementation In Every Situation’.

5. Enquiry FormAn image with a contact us message

Prominently display an enquiry form on every page if possible above the fold, or if not possible put it on the homepage and the “contact us” page.

Find out the 6 best places to place your contact form by clicking here.

6. Building TrustAn image explaining trust

Place your business phone numbers and addresses above the fold to help assure the user that you are a legitimate business with operating from real locations.

Are you struggling to build trust with your customers? Find out how to change this right here.

7. TestimonialsAn image showing a 5 star review

Use customers testimonials as much as possible to further legitimize your product or business in the eyes of visitors, potential customers love to see testimonials so please do not underestimate this.

Find out more about why reviews are more important for small businesses than ever before by clicking here.

8. OrganisationsThe Checkatrade logo

Proudly display the organisations your business are members of, whether trade organization, Trust Mark, Check a Trade etc, and proudly display your membership badge and/or license number above the fold.

If you’d like to avoid cowboy service providers, here’s how to find a reliable one.

9. MicroformatsAn image explaining what rich snippets are

Further increase your visibility in Google and other search engines by implementing the LocalBusiness Microformat, for further details.

All comments welcome plus any other hints and tips you may have.

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  1. Nice succinct list. Service area pages is a very valuable point. People often overlook the need to dedicate a single page to each product/service being offered (and to each keyword you are targeting).

    If people are looking for a list of places to build local citations in the UK, I’ve compiled a fairly extensive list here:

    It also contains some other local SEO resources relevant to UK audiences.

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