3 reasons why business HAVE to have Social Media
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3 reasons why business HAVE to have Social Media

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A look at the data at the end of 2018 is sure confirmation that as a business it is vital for a business to operate through Social Media.

Though data for the UK may be scarce and hard to find; information on the activities of our American cousins is bountiful and shows a worldwide trend.

1. Social Media is used by a vast majorityAn image of various Social Media icons

  • 91% per cent of online adults today (a whole 129 million individuals!) access social media every month. [5]
  • 65% of adult Internet users now regularly use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Blogs. [4]
  • 4/5 of adults visit blogs and social networks. [2]

[2] (Source: Nielsen; Social Media Report)
[4] (Source: Pew Research Center; Internet & American Life Project)
[5](Source: Experian; The Social Media Consumer Trend and Benchmark Report)

 2. This majority spends vast amounts of time on Social MediaAn image of a clock

  • 20mins 46secs is the average time spent on Facebook by a user. [5]
  • Facebook has more time spent on it than any other website.[2]
[2](Source: Nielsen; Social Media Report

3. People love to ‘follow’ business via Social MediaAn image of a Social Media network

  • 28% of American adults use local location-based services. This is including 9% of those Facebook and Twitter users who display their location with every post. This allows a business to appear online when they post. [1]
  • 42% of online consumers follow a retailer through Twitter, Facebook or their blog. On average they’ll follow 6 at one time. 49% say its to keep up to date with the latest products and 58% that they follow to find the latest deals. [3]

These figures alone should be enough to shake any business awake to the fact that social media is vital. You can reach a huge amount of future customers for free, interact with them for free and advertise your product for free.

Passing up an opportunity like social media is madness!

[1](Source: Pew Research Center; Internet & American Life Project)

[3](Source: Shop.org/comScore/Social Shopping Labs; Social Commerce Study)



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