8 Top Reasons to Definitely Use WordPress for Your Business’ Website
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8 Top Reasons to Definitely Use WordPress for Your Business’ Website

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WordPress is the Worlds most popular website content management system – a system that basically enables you to set up and work on your own website without having any programming or technical website knowledge!

No. 1 – The world’s most widelyAn image of the WordPress logo used website system for businesses

Our website is built on WordPress and we build most of our client websites on WordPress; we do this as we strongly believe that WordPress it is perfect for the small to medium-sized business, but why?

Some other key stats include:

No. 2 – Easy to useBusy Business Concept Image

You do not need to have any coding experience to use WordPress if you can use Microsoft Word you can use WordPress.

You are no longer tied to your web designer and having to pay them £50+ to make small changes to the words on your web pages – it’s really easy to make text changes and do it yourself.

A Beginner’s Guide To Creating A WordPress Website can help to give you a few pointers.

No. 3 – Low costAn image of an I love low cost sign

WordPress can be downloaded for free, and excellent mobile responsive theme templates are available from free to only a few dollars.

So you can do this yourself, but to be honest, most business owners do not have the time or inclination to do this; if you pay web developer to do this for you prices typically start from about £450 up to £1,000 depending on how much customisation you require.

Find out more in this informative article – Why is WordPress Free? What are the Costs? What is the Catch?

No.4 – You are not tied to a web design companyAn image of rope tied in knots

We have come across numerous businesses that are tied to their web design company, either because that web designer has a bespoke system on which the website is built, or the coding of the website is so complex it would be very difficult to move to another developer.

This is no longer the case with a WordPress website; there are thousands of specialist WordPress developers around the world, so if you want to move web designer you can.

Thankfully, because WordPress is an open-source platform, there is also an excellent community who may be able to answer your questions. Click here to take a look.

No. 5 – Lots of options for how your website looksAn image of 2 stick men and an option sign

For the graphic design of your website, you can keep the costs down by downloading one of the thousands of available theme templates; these look fantastic and customisation options mean your website never look the same as someone else’s.

Alternatively, if you want a completely bespoke website this is possible, though you will need to pay a web developer to do this for you.

Finally, if you change your mind over the design of your site and want something new, gone are the days of having your whole website re-built; now all you need is a new theme and all the existing pages remain.

Many of the available themes are free. Click here to find 9 of the best places to look for a quality free theme.

No. 6 – Easy to add lots of functionalityAn image of scales weighing simple against easy

You don’t need to pay a developer hundreds or thousands of pounds to add an image slider to your home page, or a form to your contact us page; there are now thousands of simple to install ‘Plugins’ that will do this for you.

The worldwide developer community has created lots of things called ‘plugins’ for WordPress; in essence, these are just small computer programs that add functionality to your website, and the great thing is that you need zero coding knowledge to be able to install them and add great functionality to your WordPress site.

To cut down on your legwork on finding the best ones, please click here for 20+ Best WordPress Plugins 2019 – Essential Plugins for Professional WordPress Website.

No 7. – WordPress is very search engine friendlyAn image of an SEO wordcloud

The code on the site is written in a way that the search engines like, plus it is really easy for you to add your keywords in the right places, especially with the amazing plugin “Wordpress SEO by Yoast”.

For more information about this amazing plugin, please click here.


No. 8 – Never have your website get out of dateAn image of a post-it note saying time to update

There is a worldwide community of thousands of WordPress developers constantly updating WordPress continuously making it more user-friendly and powerful.

So you no longer have to worry about your website getting out of date, for you have an army of developer continuously updating your website free of charge!

WordPress really is an excellent solution for your business’s website. It is very possible to create a great looking and fully functional website yourself. Though if you would like someone to help you with this, also make sure your site is properly search engine optimised so you actually drive leads and customers from your site, please contact us for a free consultation.


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