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SEO Copywriting Specification

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The following highlights some of the key criteria for ensuring a web page is correctly and effectively written for both visitors and search engines.

(1) Fundamentals of SEO CopywritingAn image of a metal copywriting sign

  • The page must be naturally written for the page title and read well for the user
  • Copy for the page must be original
  • The keywords to be included within the text spread evenly throughout the page
  • The number of times the keywords in the copy are used should relate to similar web pages that rank well for that term, and written in a way that reads well
  • Do not spam keywords on the page, it must read well

For more on the fundamentals on SEO copywriting, please click here.

(2) Specific Guidelines for web page copywriting

  •  Meta Title

    • Should be 9 words long +/- 3 wordsAn image of a man using a laptop
    •  Have keywords towards the beginning (seen by people)
    •  Be about 62 to 70 characters
    • Have no repeated words at all
    • Be unique for every page
    • Make sense to a person
  • Meta Description

    • Should be 18 words long +/- 6 words
    • Have keywords towards the beginning
    • Be complete sentences
    • Repeat words a maximum of 2 times
    • Be unique for every page
    • Make sense to a person
  • Meta Keywords

    • Only the primary keywords you are targeting (say up to 5 keywords/terms)An image of a man filling in a checklist
    • Longest key terms at the beginning (say 3-word terms, then 2-word terms etc.)
    • Also, add common misspellings – use the Typo Generator to help with this
  • H1, H2….. H4 Headings

    • Hierarchy driven (sequence recommended)
    • Contain keyword phrases
    • Repeat NO complete phrases
    • Read like a headline, 2 to 5 words
  • Body Text

    • Be a minimum of 300 words long for shopping sites, and 500 words for services and research sites
    • The keywords to be spread fairly evenly throughout the page
    • Make sense to a person and written well
    • Avoid keyword spamming!

Writing effective SEO content is hugely important. Find out more about the changing trends and which tactics must be followed by clicking here.

Copy Writing ToolsAn image of a lady writing in a diary

The following tools can assist you with your copywriting:

  • Typo Generator – generate common mis-spellings for your Meta Keywords
  • Similar Page Checker Tool – to check the uniqueness of your page versus other pages on your site; this is particularly useful for checking geo-pages, for example, Architect Surrey vs. Architect Kent.
  • The above post was written with assistance from the SEO Toolset course notes by Bruce Clay Inc, thanks, Bruce.

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