The Keys of Effective SEO Copywriting
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The Keys of Effective SEO Copywriting

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Effective Search Engine Optimisation copywriting to use its full name involves writing useable and engaging content.

This has the dual purpose of providing the reader with accurate and useful information about a particular subject whilst also assisting to help the page achieve a higher search engine ranking.

The chances are that your website may prove to be the most viewed sales literature that your company has and it is, therefore, essential that you write effective copy. Search engines positively thrive on finding relevant content for any searches made by potential customers and if your content is written with this in mind, your copy will be well on the way to the top of many search results relating to your chosen key terms.

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Depending on the services on offer, many businesses find that the foundation of their client base is built on local clients. Because of this, a technique of local SEO copywriting can be implemented which involves using a combination of the main keyword term + the local geographic term of the area which is being targeted.

This will help to ensure that the business captures the attention of potential customers who have already stated a preference for using a local company during their searching activities.

Fully effective SEO copywriting needs to be primarily aimed at the reader of the page whilst still ensuring that the page contains the required keyword density to be able to successfully attract the search engines.

Local SEO can be hugely beneficial for many businesses, please take a moment to see take a closer look at this strategy by clicking here.

Content is KeyAn image showing content marketing ideas

Content will always be key in regard to effective copywriting. Under no circumstances should you ever alter or misrepresent your work. One of the most important aims of effective copywriting is to be able to help your business communicate its core ideas more clearly and effectively.  The same theory should be applied to your copywriting for SEO purposes as it would be for general reader-friendliness.

If your copy is hard to read and does not make sense, the odds are very much against it working effectively in regard to optimising your website. By making certain that your content is on the topic along with being centred on the subject matter of the desired keyword phrases, you will have taken major steps towards achieving your goal.

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Crafting A Well-Written PageAn image of a woman writing on a page

A well-written page has the ability to be optimised for many different keywords but the phrasing used helps to lead the way to your site showing for many variations of searches. Finding a balance between keeping the page long enough without being too long is also important. It is widely accepted that the content of a well- written page will contain at least 300 words whilst at the same time ensuring that the keyword density is not too high.

Whilst ensuring that your chosen keywords are used fairly frequently, it is vital that you should keep your reader as the number 1 priority.  The goal of effective SEO copywriting is to stimulate interest by first keeping visitors to your website engaged with a view to converting as many visitors to the site into customers.  Including your keywords, too many times on any particular page can actually result in your website being penalised by Google. To avoid this happening to you, aiming to ensure that your keywords do not form more than approximately 6% of your text should be fine.

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Avoiding RepetitionAn image of a do not do this sign

Repetition is something that should be avoided at all costs during SEO copywriting. By ensuring that the copy added to each page is fresh and unique, Google will find it much easier to direct people to the most relevant page of the website which is related to the search that has been made.

There are a number of free article comparison tools such as Affiliate Article Checker which can be used to ensure that your pages are not too similar whilst also providing an accurate breakdown of the keyword density of your article.

Ultimately, by ensuring that your website contains lots of engaging, accurate and unique content, it is more likely to be found and recognised by search engines. This will hopefully lead to an increase in web traffic and all- important sales.


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