SEO for Builders and Construction Firms

Exceptional SEO for the Construction Industry

At Max Your Web we go out of our way not only to deliver fantastic results for our clients but also to understand their businesses inside out. We believe having an insider understanding of a business is key to delivering a high-quality SEO campaign and this is no different for the construction industry. Over the years we have worked alongside a wide array of construction professionals, from solo builders to big civil engineering firms. Our SEO for the construction industry delivers results because it is based on many years’ experience of working closely with our clients.

SEO for the construction industry

Drive high value leads

This experience has given us great insight into how to optimise our clients’ websites most efficiently to drive the highest value leads. The construction industry is one of our specialist areas where we have helped companies to drive more traffic, leads and sales via on-going SEO and digital marketing activity.

Our experience in delivering construction related SEO

We’ve helped all sorts of construction related businesses to rank highly for keywords relating to their business. The topics we have optimised for include:

  • Aeronautical and civil engineering
  • Concrete blocks and barriers
  • Construction safety equipment
  • Cherry picker and other vehicle hire
  • Roof extensions and loft conversions
  • House building and office construction
  • Swimming pool builders and other specialist terms

Whatever the size of your business or budget, we can help you to put in place an SEO plan that will get your construction business onto page one of Google’s search results for the phrases that are most pertinent to your offering. Successful SEO for the construction industry does require, however, careful research and planning. The search landscape is fiercely competitive, so it’s imperative that you are targeting realistically achievable keywords from the outset.

Implementing local SEO for builders and construction companies

If you are new to SEO, a good starting point is to hone your activity around the immediate area that you serve. So, for example, if you are a builder in Birmingham, then it would make sense to try to rank for keywords relating to Birmingham. However, Birmingham is a big city and keywords relating to it are often very competitive. Therefore, a better strategy might be to get your site ranking for phrases within the city, ‘builders in Harborne’ or ‘loft conversions Aston’, for example.

The key to driving traffic to your site for these sorts of keywords is by ensuring that you have very high quality, localised and optimised landing pages for all the topics that you are wishing to rank well for. With high quality content in place, it’s then easier to attract ‘backlinks’ (links from other websites to your website) to help the process of increasing your average ranking position. SEO for builders and other construction related companies is tough – there’s a lot of competition to rank on Google. However, working with the Max Your Web team you will get a clear 6- or 12-month SEO Road Map outlining all the steps you need to take to online success.

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