Finance Search Engine Marketing

Helping finance firms
across the sector

Jon has helped a multitude of finance-related businesses improve their website visibility to drive highly valuable new leads.

Experience in the legal industry

Helping financial services companies to rank for a range sorts of key online search terms relating to:

  • Bookkeeping and accountancy
  • Payroll and tax services
  • Wills and probate
  • Forensic accounting and fraud prevention
  • Financial advisors and planners
  • Stockbrokers and investment companies
  • Insurance and pensions
  • Lenders and loan brokers
  • Debt collection

Implementing successful SEO campaigns around these topics is reliant upon a combination of industry knowledge, in-depth research and a clear 12-month strategy.

SEO is not a “quick fix”; it requires both time and financial investment. However, with the correct strategy in place, it has the potential to deliver an exceptional ROI compared to other marketing channels.

Working with someone who understands the financial services sector provides an immediate advantage, knowing what works and what doesn’t over many years of assisting accountants, stockbrokers and other finance professionals.

Local, national, and international SEO

Particularly experienced in helping accountants improve their visibility on Google. Whether you are a solo accountant working from home, or an established firm of chartered accountants, we can help devise a bespoke plan to suit your business, budget and objectives.

Delivering successful SEO for accountants and other financial services related businesses requires an understanding of what is realistically achievable.

If you are a small, start-up firm, for example, you are not going to be able to rank well for a highly competitive key-phrase such as ‘mortgage advisor’, unless you have an enormous budget for website promotion activities.

As such, smaller businesses should look to hone their optimisation activities at the local level. Many search engine users will include a local place name modifier when searching for a financial service.

An obvious example might be ‘accountants in London’. However, there are a myriad of other phrases that people search on at the local level. ‘Independent financial advisor Oxford’ and ‘debt collection agency Glasgow’ are just two examples of “long-tail” phrases that are regularly searched for on Google and other engines. Refining a strategy to rank for as many of these local terms as possible, is one advisable root for start-ups and sole traders.

Ranking for national level phrases such as ‘corporate tax planning’ or ‘financial advisors’ is not impossible but it requires a different type of strategy to local SEO.

Ranking well for these terms is highly dependent upon strong technical SEO with clean website coding, very high-quality content and website resources, combined with authoritative ‘backlinks’ – links to your website from other relevant websites within the finance niche.