SEO for Photographers

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Jon has worked with photographers and photo industry professionals over many years of practice.

Generating high-quality leads via your website

Experienced in the photography sector helping everyone from solo wedding photographers to large studios in generating highly qualified leads and driving more sales via the web.

Success in ranking for key phrases relating to topics such as:

  • Family and baby photography
  • Weddings and special occasions
  • Fashion shoots
  • Real estate and architectural photography
  • Wildlife and location filming
  • Food and drink
  • Advertising and commercial shoots
  • Studio space and dark rooms

Ranking well on Google, and on other search engines, is highly dependent upon a clear and realistic strategy that is inline with your budget and objectives.

If you are a small, start-up business, for example, you are not going to be ranking on Google anytime soon for a phrase such as ‘wedding photographer’. That’s too competitive and you would need an enormous budget for website promotional activities in order to stand a chance of ranking well for it.

Local SEO for photographers

The vast majority of searches for services on Google will include a place name modifier. This is particularly so in the photographic sector. ‘Wedding photographer Cambridge’, ‘fashion photographer London’ and ‘wildlife photographer UK’ are all examples of search phrases that are actively used by people looking to procure the services of an expert photographer.

Whether you run a photographic agency, or you are a freelance operator; the key to success on Google is tapping into this local search traffic.


help you to put in place a clear strategy for driving local traffic, enquiries, and sales via your photography website.

Methods include:

  • Google My Business (local pack) optimisation
  • Local citation and directory building; technical SEO auditing and fixing; image optimisation
  • Website performance enhancements
  • Content development
  • Link-building campaigns

Backlinks remain a pivotal element to ranking well on Google. We’ll help you to clarify a clear link-building strategy, utilising your photographic content assets to generate links from other high-quality web publications and blogs.