Jonathon Monk


Why does the SEO industry shun small business?

Having been in been in the SEO industry for a while now, it still staggers me how the UK SEO industry still seems to turn its nose up at SEO for small businesses. SEO conference after SEO conference runs through all sorts of great stuff about building great content, relationships, and links, but with strategies that take a serious amount of time and investment, which for the small business are just out of reach! According […]

Why Focusing On Customer Engagement Is Vital For 2019

As one of the leading trends in businesses of all sectors, customer engagement should be a priority in 2019. If your business does not yet a customer engagement strategy in place then now is the time to start giving it some serious thought. As consumers increasingly become loyal to brands through positive engagement rather than product costs or even the products themselves, keeping up with those needs is therefore key. Failing to develop positive customer […]

Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Up To Date?

While digital marketing is now an essential factor in growing a business, there are such a variety of options available that is can become very confusing. With the evolving trends and the available technologies, knowing whether your digital marketing is on the cutting-edge is increasingly challenging. Whether you’re new to digital marketing or you’re concerned about your existing digital strategy, there are some key basics that you should be integrating into your marketing. Use these […]

An Introduction to Blogs for Small Business

This post is a brief introduction to Blogs for the Small Business Owner. A blog is a very good way to publicise your website, but like any marketing activity, you will get out of it what you put in. A half-hearted blog post every 3 months will basically just be a waste of time, but well-written, interesting, and regular blog posts can add a great amount of value to your site and ultimately drive you […]

SEO Copywriting Specification

The following highlights some of the key criteria for ensuring a web page is correctly and effectively written for both visitors and search engines. (1) Fundamentals of SEO Copywriting The page must be naturally written for the page title and read well for the user Copy for the page must be original The keywords to be included within the text spread evenly throughout the page The number of times the keywords in the copy are used should relate to […]

Getting Google My Business & Maps Reviews

The purpose of this post is to briefly give you some pointers as to how to get your customers to give you good reviews on Google Maps and Places, a very effective way of improving your search engine rankings in Google. Google Maps listings are now integrated within the results from a general Google search, so getting to the top of these listings can mean getting to the top of Google within your area. Lots […]

Your First Five Shots in Local SEO

Back in 2013, Jonathon Monk gave an hours presentation to over 1,000 delegates in Basingstoke regarding Local Search Engine optimisation and the key things that business owners can do themselves. The information in this video is still 100% relevant today. Jonathon’s full talk can be seen below; though this blog post is also a brief summary of the main points that Jonathon covers within his talk.  Introduction Viewed by some people like the dark […]

Social Media Beginners Guide – The first services I set up for small businesses

This post is a very brief and beginner-focused summary of the first social media services I set up for small businesses; by the end of this post, you will know which are the primary services to set up as a small business with some tips on how to best do this. Why use social media? Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) are tools that should be used by the majority of small businesses. From personal […]

8 Top Reasons to Definitely Use WordPress for Your Business’ Website

WordPress is the Worlds most popular website content management system – a system that basically enables you to set up and work on your own website without having any programming or technical website knowledge! No. 1 – The world’s most widely used website system for businesses Our website is built on WordPress and we build most of our client websites on WordPress; we do this as we strongly believe that WordPress it is perfect for […]